How much does it cost to get a tattoo?

There are 101 variables when it comes to determining price of a tattoo. Size, placement, style, how long it will take, how well you sit, all play a role in determining the price of your tattoo. The best way to receive an accurate price estimate on your tattoo is to stop in to the studio and speak in person with the artist you plan to work with. They will gather all the information necessary and be able to give you much more accurate answers than they would through email or phone.

How do I prepare before getting my tattoo?

We recommend, especially the day before and morning of your tattoo, to be drinking as much water as possible, eating clean, sleeping well, and passing on any alcohol consumption. The better you take care of your body, the smoother the tattooing process should go for you and your artist.

I am going on a beach vacation next week, is this okay?

Unfortunately, no. With a fresh tattoo, you want to make sure you are not exposing it to any direct sunlight or submerging it in any standing body of water for at least two weeks. Failure to heed that warning may leave you with a tattoo you are very unhappy with.

Do I get a free touch up?

Yes! Liberty Tattoo guarantees our work for four months. Once your tattoo is completely healed, you are able to see your artist on any weekday they are working to receive one free touch up if there were any issues during the healing process (unless there are obvious signs of neglect).

How long will it take my tattoo to heal?

While your aftercare period is approximately two weeks, it can take a tattoo anywhere from six to eight weeks to full heal and return back to normal skin. Even then, there are parts of the body that may take longer to heal such as anything on the lower leg or feet. Everyone's body is different and have different heal times.


Can I bring in my own jewelry when getting a piercing?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept outside jewelry for initial piercing. We need to be able to ensure the quality of the metal we are putting in your body and be able to properly sterilize the jewelry before your procedure. If you would like different jewelry than we have available in studio, we will happily help you order whatever piece you desire from a reputable company.

How long is the healing process?

Healing times vary for individual tissue types. Heal times range anywhere from four months to even a little longer than a year, depending on the area and aftercare.

Is my piercing infected?

Most likely, no. The number one method of infection prevention is a studious cleaning regiment. Infection is indicated by spreading redness around piercing site, coupled with neon green or dark yellow secretions. The piercing site will most likely be giving off a lot of heat. If concerned about infection; don't panic, don't remove the jewelry, and stop in to the studio so we can check it out. If we have any concern at all of infection, we will refer you to your regular doctor.

Why is it so expensive?

Quality jewelry and proper sterile technique cost money. Outside of that, you are paying for your piercer's education and dedication in providing you with a safe, clean, aesthetically pleasing body modification as well as an enjoyable experience.